Kim Kardashian as we all know is best known for her appearance, beauty, lavish lifestyle and expensive luxury items hoarder.

Well, beneath there, there is a mom of three kids, a wife, and an entrepreneur. Kim has been able to take the beauty industry by storm from her contouring and highlighting technique (Although it is her makeup artist Mario who has brought the trend).

Kim has always managed to pull spectators and well-wishers by the storm with her clothes, hair and of course makeup.

Kim Kardashian Beauty routine decoded

Her makeup and beauty routine is asked so much that she has posted about the same on her KKW app. Kim has her makeup line under the name of KKW beauty which caters products such as eyeshadow palette, lipstick, lip liners, contour, and highlight kit, etc. she has been working non-stop for the brand and has also launched her own line of fragrance under KKW beauty.


Kim is a big believer of hardcore workout session, on which she says she feels the best when she works out.

To maintain a perfect body, working is at least an hour and a half is required for her. She has been seen working out wearing a girdle or a waist trainer for working on her slim waist. She had started using girdle or waist after her first pregnancy.

Kim has also be known for her vampire facial, ever so expensive luxurious beauty treatments but her beauty routine has been evolved and seems to be simple and efficient to follow.

She prefers to drink water over any other drink and like to hydrate before and after a workout to cool down the body.

She uses body oil before every workout. This helps in controlling the cellulite and firms the skin hence no wrinkles.

She does occasional cool laser treatment to keep away aging. She goes on to reveal on her app that she gets cool laser on her hands to make them look young and flawless.

As we have already discussed Kim also got a lot of attention for wearing a girdle or a waist trainer. She revealed that she work them a lot after having her babies. She even wears them to her everyday workout to slim her waist down.


Kim has been a fan of Microdermabrasion treatments. She says that microdermabrasion is great for uneven skin tone, to improve texture, for removal of acne scars and other blemishes.

She is a regular client for this treatment in spring and summer as with sun damage this treatment comes in handy. Although she never forgets her sunblock. She absolutely loves Dr. Barbara Sturm sun drops.

Her choice of cleanser should be a foaming cleanser. She loves a good foaming cleanser, she uses Dr. Lance cleanse followed by hyaluronic acid and her trusty Guerlain or La Mer moisturizer. Dr. Lance, Guerlain, and La Mer are her trusty brands and she rotates between these three and is heavily dependent on cleanser and moisturizer from the same.

The one tip she picked up from her momma Kris Jenner is very low maintenance yet so effective for her. She exfoliates her face with a hot washcloth which she has been doing since the age of 18 years. She believes her face has got a facelift with this habit.

With being a mom for three kids and a full-time entrepreneur, Kim cannot emphasize enough for retinol to combat wrinkles and fine lines.

She has retinol based products are great for anti-aging. She goes on to add that after every application of retinol in the night time, it should be followed by sunscreen the next morning.

Also adding a moisturizing eye cream as the skin under the eye is the thinnest and need more care and nourishment.


Kim’s makeup has always been on point and always talk of the town.

She has been rocking contour like a boss. She even formulated contour and highlighting creams and powders in her own makeup line.

Even on the days where she doesn’t feel like glamming full on, she prefers to contour her nose, cheeks, and forehead for warm while highlighting the under eye and cupid’s bow for catching natural light.

If Kim’s hair color never crossed your mind then we don’t know what did. Kim has been donning all different hair color and hair length at different occasion.

From hot pink to platinum blond she has done it all. Her hair colorist uses Olaplex for her hair as it has been bleached several times and Olaplex strengthens weak hair bonds.

Even though her hair color has changed so much, she leaves her eyebrows to her trusted friend Anastasia Soare, the owner to the brand Anastasia Beverley hills which started with eyebrows products.

Kim doesn’t believe in the myth of dark hair with dark eyebrows she goes on to add she has dark eyebrows with Platinum hair color which looked great.