We all love some good manicure. Manicures add so much love to the hands and they make them look beautiful. Whether it is a classic French manicure or a nude nail color or some funky nail art, it is an extension of who we are. But our heart turns in million pieces if that manicure doesn’t last or lose its shine. Worry not, here we are listing you 16 tips to make your nail polish last longer.

    1. Always start with clean nails. Clean them with nail polish remover, even if you don’t have any nail polish. This will remove all the natural oil build-up and gives a clean slate to start.


    1. Alternatively, you can also dip your hands in water and white vinegar solution before pushing the cuticles never cut them. Apply a cuticle oil it helps in getting smoother skin around the nails.


    1. Lightly buff your nails, this ensures there are no ridges and allow the nail paint to glide on.


    1. Don’t allow the nails to grow super long. Longer the nail, more work for them such as scratching, opening a box, etc. shorter and simple nails keep your nail polish game stronger.


    1. Always use a base coat. A base coat act as a glue to nail polish. Also apply two coats of base coat, one on the entire nail and other on the base of the nail where the nail paint tends to chip.


    1. Rather than vigorously shaking the nail polish bottle. Try gently rolling the bottle in between palms of your hands. The warmth of the hands will ensure even coat of polish while when you vigorously shake the bottle, there are air bubbles which can ruin the nail polish.


    1. Apply multiple thin coats (read: 2-3). With an opaque nail polish 2 coats are enough. But always light handedly apply nail polish. Multiple thick coats will not dry and can increase wait time and patience.


    1. To make a color look more opaque or pop, use a white nail paint first and then add your desired nail polish on top.


    1. Use nail paints which are free from toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP. These are bad ingredients and can damage your nail bed. Also, make sure using the same base coat which is free from these ingredients.


    1. Applying nail polish on your own can really test your patience. Applying a top coat on your nail polish right away will let the top coat and nail polish merge and let it stay for longer.


    1. When applying the top coat, run the brush of top coat at the edge of the nail. This helps in sealing the nail polish and giving you some more days’ worth of nail polish.


    1. If you happen to chip your nail from the free edge, use a glitter nail polish to seal. This gives an entirely new look to your chipped nails.


    1. Matte nail polish looks great but they don’t serve the purpose of long-lasting. Instead, use a matte top coat.


    1. File your nails mimicking the shape of your cuticle, which makes them less likely to break or chip.


    1. Dry nails with cool air rather blowing with the hot setting of the blow dryer.


  1. If you happen to smudge your freshly manicure nail polish, use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover, lightly press on the smudged area and remove the polish. Let it dry completely and then apply a thin coat of same nail paint.