Vitamin e-oil, praised as an antioxidant helps your body in a number of other ways. It works wonderfully for your skin, hair and nail. Hence e vitamin is called as the beauty vitamin.

Vitamin e is an oil-soluble vitamin, hydrates your skin and gives a natural glow. Vitamin E capsule is one of the most effectively used forms of vitamin E.

Can I Apply Vitamin E Oil Directly?

Yes, you can apply directly to the skin. But vitamin e oil is thick and greasy in nature. So it is suggested to mix with any carrier oil or any of your skin creams. You can also mix with your scrubs, body lotions, face creams and packs.

Use capsules that contain Vitamin E in the form of Tocopherol as an active ingredient. For topical use do a patch test to check whether it suits your skin. It is always better to dilute vitamin e capsules with any oils like almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and wheat germ oil.

Benefit Of Vitamin E

What Causes Dark and Uneven Skin Tone?

Vitamin e-oil prevents the oxidation of molecules, thereby eradicates formation of free radicals. These free radicals lead to dark and uneven skin tone. Vitamin e-oil works wonders for the dry and dull skin. It restores moisture and hydrates the skin.

Vitamin E boosts collagen production and helps in maintaining skin elasticity. In combination with vitamin C provides sun protection.

So without any doubt, you can use Vitamin e oil on face.