All you need to know about face yoga

Yoga is a physical, spiritual and mental practice in order to achieve which originated from ancient India.

Yoga has been practiced all over India from many centuries and commercially it has taken over many other parts of the world. While other forms of exercises still hold a lot of weight but yoga holds a special place with many avid followers.

While more and more people going the route of daily yoga practice in their life with regular yoga asanas, clean eating, and meditation.

Yoga in everyday life has so many benefits in which you get used to calming and peaceful surroundings, clean eating habits and weight loss too but did you know you can reverse the signs of aging and bring back the glow on your face?

Facial yoga exercises for the face are where you control your facial expressions in certain forms or kriyas to reverse the signs of aging.

Do you know there are 52 muscles on your face? By exercising them, you tone your facial muscles and it can give a facelift look to your face.

The skin around eyes and smile lines age faster than the rest of the face. Also, the skin around the neck sags a lot faster than the rest of the body.

We as a human, have a lot of tension and stress-related personal and professional life and it shows up on our face instantaneously. Holding to the tensed muscles such as brow, jaw, and forehead can lead to wrinkles and fine lines on these areas.

Facial yoga will help in reversing this process and definitely uplift the area which has sagged.

Facial yoga is the most natural way to contour your face and improve blood circulation to the face.

Doing facial yoga on a regular basis will help better, even better than if you work out regularly.

As we tend to neglect facial muscles while toning the rest of the body muscles.  So if you are conscious about the double chin, wrinkles, and fine lines, facial yoga is for you.

Following are some easy facial yoga exercises which if performed daily can give you great results of glowing and firm skin and also face lift without undergoing a knife.

Puff Up Cheeks

Literally, hold air in your mouth, puff up air in them. Move the air left to right and vice versa for 5-6 times. And then release the air from mouth by making a ‘O’ slowly. Do this for few times daily for firmer cheeks.

Stick Out Tongue

This may sound funny but it is great for your neck muscles as well as thyroid glands. Sit in a comfortable position, loosely interlock your fingers and place them on the lap. Now stick out the tongue till you can. Repeat this for 2-3 times. As you go further doing this, increase the hold time in this position.

Look Up At The Ceiling

Again, sit in a comfortable position, loosely interlock fingers. Slowly look up at the ceiling and make a face where you are kissing. Hold for 5 seconds and gently come back to normal position. This exercise will give you defined cheekbones, and strengthen neck muscles. Always start from neutral position that is chin parallel to the ground.

Fish Face

You might so this with the cute kid for fun but it is of so much importance in facial yoga. Everyone of us knows how to make a fish face.

But if you don’t, here is how you can do it, slowly pull cheeks inside the mouth as if you are sucking a lollipop. Try to join inside of cheeks while sucking. Be there in this position for 10-15 seconds. Repeat few times for contoured cheeks, jaw line and lips.


The surprise Oh! Is of great help making great and strong jaw lines. Drop your jaw to make a large ‘O’. While your mouth is open, try and smile wide. Restore the face by making a small ‘O’ and then continue likewise for few times. This helps in reducing double chin.

For Crow’s Feet

Every one dreads crow’s feet, it doesn’t look cute on anyone’s face. To natural shed away the crow’s feet, hold your head by securing the temples of the head by palm area of your hand. Pull back the skin and hold for few seconds.

Push And Pull Eyebrows

This helps in releasing facial tension and reduces stress from facial muscles. Pinch eyebrows and release it. Do this is succession for about 2 seconds hold and 2 seconds release motion.