Stress and anxiety are the main culprits leading to serious problems such as high blood pressure, panic attacks, and heart diseases. These diseases can actually create a more stressful environment. Taking care of yourself and your body should be always a priority.

Dealing with stress is not everyone’s forte. Some people sleep on it, some do things that they might regret and some over analyze to add stress to the current situation. Staying calm may sound good but achieving the futuristic vision isn’t that difficult. Inculcating these activities in your daily life will surely bring the stress level down.

Here are 25 powerful tips to stay calm in the difficult situation


Well, spoiler alert! Meditation does help. It allows you to concentrate on your inner self and disconnect you from the outer world. Set aside 10-15 minutes of your day to meditate in a well-lit room with fresh air for a stress-free environment.

Practice Patience

This tip would be as good as meditation but just facing the problem rather than running away from it. Some problems are not so much of a problem until we face them and solve them for our piece of mind.



Yoga is a set of physical, mental and spiritual practices for a better well-being. Practicing yoga on daily basis will help you start your day stress-free and also keep you calmer.

Sleep Well

On an average, an adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep for a proper functioning of the body. Our body repairs itself in the sleep; that’s why sleep is important in our life. Cutting down on caffeine and meditating before sleep will help you sleep better.

Power Nap

A power nap is directly proportional to alert behavior and better cognitive skills. A nap of 10-20 minutes can help you boost your brain development skills and hence, work can be better, better judgments and better results. Hence lesser stress.

Accept and Let Go

Rather than thinking about what should have been done in any wronged situation, it is better to accept the fact and let it go. Letting go negative thoughts help you stay calmer.

Meet new people

Socializing doesn’t mean you need to go and meet people for drinks. Find a group of people of same interests for example, if you are fond of reading, join a book club. And if you think you can work with something different, go out of your comfort zone and join something you always wanted to try.

Digital Detox

If you have stress related to your current job or personal life, having a digital detox will help you immensely. Being always glued to technology will affect your brain working capacity and also your eyes. You can always set time to spend time on social media so that you don’t overspend time on it.

Don’t expect a perfect scenario

Trials and errors are part of everyone’s life. Never compare your current chapter to someone’s ninth chapter. It will ruin your expectation, leaving you hurt. Focus on doing the right things rather than perfect.

Ask more

Communication is the key to a stress-free life. The unnecessary assumption will lead to overworked brain, hence stress. Ask more questions, communicate to know more.

Look for more perspective

There are many different sides to the same story. Don’t rush into taking a decision, if that is bothering you. Take a deep breath and analyze for a better perspective.

Pause and analyze perspective

Once you have got a good idea about how to face the problem, pause for a while and think. Getting anxious for petty things will only add to the stress. Also, not all problem should be solved, maybe they only need time to resolve itself.

Stop mindreading

Over assumption can kill the communication. If you are having a fall out with a person you care, it is best to sit down and talk about it face to face. Don’t start mindreading or start assuming things that don’t exists.

Listen to your heart

First thing that comes into your mind, is always the right thing to do, ‘coz those decision are heartfelt. Your heart can never go wrong, try it.

Spilt your goals into small or mini goals

If you get stressed out with deadlines or have performance pressure, setting small or mini goals will help you. Work in parts, it will help you focus one thing at a time.

Start your day early


Well, the nursery rhyme was true, early to bed, early to rise, makes the person healthy and wise. People who start their day early are fresh and active, while people who are late risers need coffee to wake them up. Try sleeping in early and start getting up early by 15 minutes. This exercise will help you start your day at an ideal time.

Journal your thoughts

Writing your thoughts will help you analyze your mood on daily basis. If things bother you can bring clarity by reorganizing your thoughts.

Organize and declutter

If you have a habit of leaving things anywhere and everywhere, it will bring you no good. Organizing home or office space will give you clarity in your thoughts and give you stress free situation to work on.

Create a to do list


A to-do list is an excellent way to organize your work and life. Prioritizing things needed to be done will help you work better. Prioritize according to the attention they need.

Visualize calming places or things

Visualizing a beach or a green mountains will help you stay calm. Also, surrounding yourself with people you love will also help you calm down and no stress at all.

Breathe deeply

Deep breathing is an excellent way to keep the stress away. Practice daily or when you have over worked yourself in a stressed situation.

Indulge in activity

Every person has a hobby. Hobbies are good to shift your focus from the work load. It could be painting, music or swimming. Do what you like the best.


Reading a book will set you in a different world altogether. Pick a genre- fiction, non-fiction, autobiography, etc. it will instantly set your mood.

Set routine

Having a set routine will give you a peace of mind, without the burden of extra work. Set routine will have your time organized and will help you use the free space in your mind.

Don’t take things personally

If they don’t know you personally, don’t take it personally. If a colleague bombard you with some harsh words, it is not always about you. They might be having a bad day or they are just unhappy with their life. Rather than reacting to the first thing what comes out their mouth, stop and calm yourself.