Wealth is subjective to hard work but Feng shui can be an adjoined effect that can let the good energy flow and invite more money and prosperity in your life.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese belief or pseudoscience to bring align good energy which can bring harmony to an environment.

Feng Shui is a process that can lead to a great number of energies flowing in the house or your office to attract good luck and wealth.

The classic Feng Shui involves Chinese coins, the laughing Buddha, bamboo plant, wind chimes, dragon turtle, wealth vases, wealth ships, with many others.

These items are said to attract wealth in your office and home space.

Feng Shui is more about placing right things at right place which let the positive energy flow into your house.

Wealth Creation Tips To Attract More Money

1. Door Matters

The front door of your house is an important as it determines the quality of energy it allows to flow into the house. So it is crucial to keep the entrance clutter-free, clean and fresh, without any obstacles.

It should resemble the idea of flowing water. And when it comes to the actual door, the door should be sturdy and strong.

The size of the door should be considered when compared to its house, also what you place near the door or right after you enter the house plays an important role.

2. Money Areas

Feng Shui suggests that there are wealth areas in your house. One is the southeast area of the house or any room and the other is left corner of the room at the very back, this is when you are facing the entrance of the room.

3. Clutter Free Money Areas

Cluttered areas can really be a mess in your room and in your life too. To make sure that money is flowing, the energy surrounding your home should be good, while with clutter in the house such as dirty clothes, garbage cans, dead plants, unwanted items which are just lying around negatively influence wealth inflow.

Also if you want to attract money, never place unpaid bills, receipts and mortgage payment reminders in the money corner of the house.

4. Symbols Of Wealth

As we had discussed Feng Shui have items which display or symbolizes the image of money in your life.

If these Feng Shui items are placed in the right direction they increase the flow of money in your life.

For e.g. Store your change of money in a glass bowl in the wealth area to glorify the image of wealth and abundance.

Also, you have to keep adding the money to this jar as it symbolizes the money is growing.

Displaying Chinese coins, or wealth ships laden with precious stones and wind chimes will bring influx of wealth.

5. Add Water Element In The House

Flowing water is ancient symbol of abundance. So placing a water fountain in the wealth corner of the house is a great idea. The water flow should be towards the home near outwards.

If a water fountain is out of reach, placing an image of flowing water like a waterfall or fast-moving water, never a violent flow is needed.

A water element should not be used in the bedroom as it can negatively affect your finances.

A fish aquarium with dragon fish or arowana is a great addition for your unlimited wealth. A fish is believed that it can bring good fortune and generate new sources of income.

6. Keep Plants

Plants such as jade, silver dollar plants and dieffenbachia are great addition to attract your wealth.

Plants with purple or red flowers will add weight to the attraction of the money, avoid thorny or plants with a stiff body.

The bamboo plant should have eight stalks, as eight is a powerful number for attracting wealth and abundance.

7. Wealth Crystals

Citrine crystal is a strong precious crystal which has ability to attract money in your life, hence it is widely used in Feng Shui.

Citrine is also used in personal jewelry.

You can display these gemstones on a gem tree in your home or office.

It will not only look aesthetically pleasing but it will help in attract wealth.

8. Mirrors

Mirrors are the reflection of yourselves, imagine how a mirror can help in creating abundance in the money matters.

A mirror with gold frame work preferably rectangle or square can be the best bet. Mirror act as a wealth magnets.

9. Wealth Colors

Colors such as green, red, yellow, blue, gold, brown and purple are colors of wealth. These can help you in attracting wealth and abundance.

Try and incorporate these colors in your home or office decor everyday life such as chairs, curtains, paintings, etc.

10. Wallet

A wallet is where you store your money be it actual money or your plastic money.

Make sure your wallet is clutter-free with no bills or receipts from previous encounters.

Generally black, maroon, and brown are commonly used, although red, deep blue, and green are an excellent choice as they attract more money, prosperity, and abundance.

Try these tips and get money flow always!!!

Although Feng Shui is widely accepted worldwide, it doesn’t guarantee success and prosperity yet should not be substitute for the amount of hard work you should give to your goals.