The holiday season is upon us and New Year is right in front of us. And with New Year comes the pressure of starting a resolution that you will take but apparently new get through it.

Failure of New Year resolution is due to lack of consistency, demotivation, no social support and losing the sight of why you started with the New Year resolution.

Although it is kind of trend to get on the bandwagon and take up a New Year resolution it is for great importance to complete it too.

A New Year resolution should be taken up as a challenge or a journey to achieve new you. The process should excite you rather than being dreadful.

According to research, about 80% of people leave their New Year’s resolution by the end of February this is due to a lack of consistency and not enough motivation.

So here we are listing top 30 New Year resolution ideas and how to achieve them without getting worked up or leaving it incomplete.

1.Weight Loss

This has to number one New Year’s resolution for most of the people. If not weight loss then it is to get in shape.

Let us tell you this doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process a journey to get to an end result you need to patient and resilient.

Losing weight requires workout regimes, eating good food, no junk, getting mental space right. Everything is interlinked when you think of losing weight but most importantly you need to be patient with yourself and put efforts from your side.

Don’t lose hindsight and celebrate small achievements if you have more than 10kg to lose.

2. Eat Healthy

In continuation with the above topic, eating healthy is next losing weight as a New Year’s resolution. While eating healthy can be totally done for a change or to adopt a new eating habit.

New dieting forms such as keto diet, Dukan diet, paleo diet, the list is endless. The problem with these diets is lack of information.

Sure, you have known about the diet but do you know how to follow it, what to expect, is it feasible for you and your schedule? So the solution to this problem is- research.

Firstly find out which diet will work best for you. Secondly, seek a medical practitioner (this should be done even if you are not on medicines or have any illness). Thirdly, see if you can make the kind of adjustment required. If all the boxes get ticks, you are ready to roll. Pick up a new hobby

3.Pick up a new hobby

Yes, you drew when you were little but are you comfortable doing it now? Sometimes it is the unknown habit which we do unconsciously end up being a hobby.

You ask how? A girl likes to paint her nails and do some artistic work but hasn’t mastered it. Take up a nail art class and finesse into the hobby. Who knows you can earn some money from this.

4.Learn A New Language

It is an excellent way to broaden your horizon. Learning a new language sharpens your motor skills of the brain. It also makes you socially confident.

Learning a new language can be for anyone and everyone. Register yourself in a class, committing to a regular class is far more effective than learning it on app or online.

5.Read More books

Books are a great way to gain more knowledge and also it is also a great way to unwind from a tiring day. Books can actually help you switch from your boring, mundane life to a great story. Keep a target to read ‘X’ numbers of books in a year.

6. Be Active

Whether overweight or not, being active or doing some kind of physical activity is good for your body. Look for an empty slot in your daily routine life (it is mostly when you are just lounging around in the house, doing nothing).

If you have even an hour to spare, you can start with half hour walk and gradually increase to jog or even at-home exercises.

7. Start Saving Money

You should at least save 20-30% of your entire salary as a fund to be used as savings. Yes, everyone has a savings account but saving for a raining day is a good thing. Start saving for little things such as a bag you must be eyeing on, or just a self-gift or for travel plans.

8. Find The Significant Other

You can’t wait for the universe to conspire for you and send your significant other in your way. If you haven’t got ‘the one’ yet, it’s high time to find someone who will truly care and love you with all your flaws.

9. Watch less TV

Stop spending time with that idiot box. TV is just a box lying inside the house and the crappy TV shows are even worst. Instead cut off unnecessary TV time, if you want to get hold of news, get a news app.

10. Reduce stress

Will worrying change the situation? No. then why worry? Stress can spoil your day and also your good night sleep. Keep that stress away is important.

11. Be more polite

Those three magical words- Thank you, Please and Sorry will never hurt anyone. Try and be more mindful of what you speak and how to speak. Practice is the key.

12. Practice meditation

We are in 21st century, stress and anxiety is shooting up for everyone. Meditation is the only way to calm your senses and lead to mental peace. Start with daily 10 minutes of meditation.


13. Get quality sleep

As an adult, we need anywhere between 7-9 hours of sleep. Depending on the type of work you perform in a day, sleep plays a huge role as it relaxes you and get you ready for the next day. Try not using any electronics before going to sleep.

14. Be more confident and take more chances

This can be a huge problem for people who are insecure or have anxiety issues. They lack social skills and it can lead to not being confident in their own environment. If you have stage fear, start with talking in front of friends, this will increase your comfort level.

15. Become tidier

We all have that chair, where you dump clothes on, time to change that. Take out a few minutes from your day and fold your clothes, put clothes to wash which needs it, etc. doing it every day will form a habit and you will be tidier in no time.

16. Spend time with people that matter

This can be anyone, friends and, family. In today’s world, everyone is busy and in this busy life, you tend to forget that there are friends and family who rely on. Text or call them whenever you remember them not when it is convenient.

17. Learn to dress with style on a budget

You don’t need gazillion dresses to look like a million bucks. All you need is some staples in your wardrobe and you are good to take on the world. Look for inspiration on YouTube, Pinterest and try to replicate those styles with existing clothes.

18. Get out of debt

Debt is the most important reason for adult stress. Credit card debts are swinging the sword on your head. To clear out credit card debt, cut down on unnecessary coffee visits, take out, etc.

19. Adopt a pet

Companion animals are great stressbuster and will ease out from your daily routine life. Adoption is a great way to bring some happiness in your life. Also, it is very important to fact checks that if you are ready or not.

20. Give back to the society

Charity or volunteer work is a great way to give back to society. If you cannot help in monetary way, make sure you visit places such as orphanage, older age home just to meet them and spent time with them.

21. Give Up Bad Habit

Bad habits can be anything- smoking, drinking or just sitting ideal and not doing anything is also a bad habit. It takes a lot of courage to quit a bad habit, so it is necessary to do under medical supervision so that you don’t relapse.

22. Travel More

Save more and travel. There are so many untouched places in the world save more, work hard and travel more. It will help get out of your shell and you will meet new people. Start saving money from start of the year and once you have enough for the trip, just go for it.

23.Learn to cook

Cooking is therapeutic. Learning how to cook, is great for you, your pocket and for your health too. There is always help on YouTube and blogs, do some research, start with easy simple ingredients recipes.

24. Schedule appointment

You have always been putting off yearly doctor’s appointment. It is greatly insisted that we should do regular health check-ups.

25. Try to be on time

It is very unprofessional that you keep someone waiting, whether it is 5 minutes or 10, it is never a good idea to be late. Try getting up early if you have an early meeting, getting ready and be on time, once you do get a habit of reaching on time, you will be 5 minutes early than everyone.

26. Turn your hobby into career

Like we discussed it is good to master with whatever talent you have, finesse that and you can turn your hobby into a legit career. Again, practice is the key.

27. Detox from social media

Social media has only good things on it hence taking inspiration from the couples whom you don’t need personally is a bad idea. Detoxing from social media is a great way to self-cleanse and spent time alone or with people who matter to you.

28. Get over toxic relationships

That friend who gossips nonstop or that relative who wants to know when will you get married? Is none of your headache right? These relationships are toxic and they don’t let you grow personally. It is better to cut off from them and curl with a book in your home.

29. Try and be content with self

If you don’t love your own company, how can you expect someone else enjoying it? Learn to enjoy your own company and try and be happy with what you can offer for your own happiness. It is a constant process of self-enlightenment, practicing and being patient is important.

30. Start a healthy habit and follow it

A healthy habit can be anything, eating good food, cutting down junk food or writing a journal. Keeping a track of how the habit is forming, the progress is important. The progress will motivate you and keep you on track.

These new year’s resolution ideas might help you to build your year goals and achieve them.

If you have any other ideas do comment!