Should we sleep without a bra?

A bra is an essential clothing item in the women wardrobe. They are available in so many colors, fabrics and styles are it is hard to choose one for yourself.

Love or hate it, a bra is an important piece of clothing if you want to look little more put together, as it gives you a more polished look, accentuates your upper body and holds your breasts for better support.

Then why is even valid to have a question that should we sleep without a bra?

The entire day, bra provides you with immense support and what possible harm it can do to you at the night? You may not know this, sleeping with a bra on can have more harm than benefits.

Read on to know more about how wearing bra to sleep at night is not a good idea.

1. Sagging

You might have heard that breast tend to sag if you sleep without a bra on only to let you know it is a total myth. Our skin sag due to aging and nothing else so whether you wear a bra or not to sleep your skin will sag no matter what.

Our skin as we age loses its elasticity and firmness that leads to wrinkles. Wearing a bra in the day has its purpose of lifting them up against the gravitational force and support the breasts.

But while sleeping you are already lying flat and breasts are already pushed down towards the chest. Hence, wearing a bra to sleep won’t prevent sagging at all.

2. Better Sleep

Pajamas are best clothes invented to keep you cozy 24*7. There are soft, fluffy and made with lots of love to ensure that you have a good night sleep.

Since pajamas are this soft why would anyone want to ruin your dreamy experience with wearing a bra underneath?

Today most of the bras have underwire which is to give you that lift for your breasts but it is highly not recommended to wear them to sleep as it will constrict the movements of breasts and not let you sleep due to uncomfortable bra on your breasts.

3. Improve Your Circulation

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it has a lot of nerve endings and blood vessels. Our veins constantly pump the blood into the different organs which include breasts too.

Now bras are designed in a way to give you curves and highlight the breast, at least some do that. While others are present to support your breasts and not let them sag to the ground.

Now you wear a bra for more than half of the day and if you wear to sleep, imagine how much pressure you put on your breasts?

The blood circulation is hampered while it can cause constriction of blood vessels. Instead, let them loose in the night so that you get good sleep and the next day you are fresh and ready to conquer the world.

4. Allows you to breathe properly

As you know, by now the skin is the largest organ of our body and like every other organ, it needs oxygen to survive.

You wear a bra for the entire day and the breathing is restricted due to support given by the bra’s underwire.

It is like a cage for your breasts. So when you sleep the upper airways for breathing gets narrow and breathing is difficult in a lying down position.

So if you wear a bra to sleep you are putting a lot of pressure on your body just to breath.

5. Infections

Our body is hostile to many infections due to the possible presence of bacteria on our skin. Also, we sweat in the night and due to our deep sleep mechanism, we don’t wake that often.

With the sweat as the breeding ground, there are chances of fungal infections around the breasts as we tend to sweat in that area.

6. Chances of injury

If you ever happen to look at bra, they are different types of fabric used with metal clips, hooks, little tiny bows, elastic and the obvious underwire.

If the bra you are wearing to sleep may have a malfunction or decide to rip off the straps, chances are they can cause choking hazard or damage to your skin.

At night time, our defense mechanism is low as we are sleeping and not aware of the surroundings. You won’t sleep with shoes or belt on then why sleep with a bra on?

7. Allow the skin to bounce back

Watches, pantyhose, bodycon dress, socks, and bras- do you know what is common in between them?

They all can potentially cut off blood circulation. There is a bra for every occasion and every dress you wear. If bra wasn’t enough there are Spanx and body shaper who can leave you without breath literally.

With all this happening your skin and blood vessels underneath it can get damaged and blocked due to the compression of the inner wear. If you frequently wear tight clothes chances are you have seen red indentations on the skin once you remove the piece of clothing.

Hence, allow the skin to breathe and let the breast have air.

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