Truths about lifelong fitness that personal trainers will never tell you

Fitness is a lifestyle habit and people often take this very lightly. With New Year New Me people kind of forget that fitness is a habit you acquire over time and it should be taken as a crash course.

But still, 90% of New Year resolutions are about fitness and they all lose their spark by the end of January month. So what is exactly the way towards achieving your own fitness goals?

Since we say our own goals, we need to set the rules by ourselves too. You know your body well enough that what works and what doesn’t.

One of the trusted and preferred ways of working out is going to the gym. We aren’t going to state the benefits of going to a gym, everyone knows that.

But going to a gym and knowing exactly what to do is important. And there are fitness trainers who help you in achieving your fitness goals.

Now fitness trainers are great to show you how a particular exercise can help or how equipment can be used in multiple ways.

But they fail to tell you the truths which are attached to lifelong fitness goals.

Read on to more to know what are the

Fitness Facts That Personal Trainers Will Never Tell You

Avoid Exercises Which Don’t Resonate With You

Firstly decide why joining a gym is a necessity for you? If it is about fitness then you are in a long haul and if it is to lose 30 kilos in 30 days, then my friend gym or even any time of exercise is not for you.

Working out, taking care of your body is important and it should be done on a regular base rather than going for a few days and then skipping for an entire year until next year’s resolution hits you back.

This is a vicious circle. Hence making sure your entire experience is enjoyable is what you should be looking forward too.

Do what you like more as you should be wanting to come back to the gym. Working out, doing exercises should be a way of life, a lifestyle which you want to adopt for years to come, not something you do as a crash course, that won’t work for long-term.

But always start with warming up your body, do something you would like to do such as cardio, cycling or even a brisk walk then start with an actual workout.

Remember the goal is to work in the rhythm of your body, if something doesn’t feel right, stop it but don’t do it wrong.

The ultimate goal is to come back the following day if God has forbidden there is an injury you will be off for a few days to a week. So stick to what you like.

Don’t Go To A Fancy Gym, Go To A Gym Which Is Close By

We all like fancy things, as they are presented in a way to attract customers. The same rule applies to gym membership.

In your mind, you have this amazing plan to go to the best gym in the town with great amenities such as sauna, spa, new, and innovative gym equipment.

But the only downside to this entire process that the gym is far away from your home or workplace. Now imagine your work schedule is erratic and there is no fixed time you need to work.

Then you will only hit the gym when you have enough time to manage to go to the gym, coming home and then going to work. Even the plan sounds tedious, imagine doing this for at least three times a week.

Hence, it is better to join a gym which is closer to home or workplace which makes the commute easier and hassle-free.

Also keeping your gym bag in your car can be an added advantage as you won’t have an excuse of not having clothes or gear for the gym.

Make A Point To Go Gym

Every one of us has dull days and we skip many things in that mood. But skipping the gym is just a bad idea we will explain why.

Working out is not only great for your body but for your mind too. Exercising releases endorphins which elevate mood and spirit which sets the tone right, therefore, it is preferred to work out in the morning as you freshen with a session of nice workout.

So for days when you don’t feel the motivation kicking in hit the gym do the warm-up and see how things go from then on. This won’t leave you with the guilt of not going to the gym as well as there is some form of exercise you did so that it a small win in itself.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article!