Quit the job and travel the world.

You must have heard this phrase tons of times in movies and nowadays in real life too. With the year ending soon, there are plenty of people who are traveling abroad to bring in the New Year in a new country or just a new place.

But the most haunted question comes in what stops you from not traveling?

Travelling is good for you, for your soul and it is often considered therapeutic. Then why are you afraid? The answer that right away comes in is ‘I don’t have enough money’.

So let us tell you that you don’t need million dollars to quench your thirst of traveling the world on a budget just some internet skills can help you.

So let us just dive into 8 cheapest way to travel the world-

#1. Know your schedule

It is simple you don’t want to travel last minute. Last minute travel plans are expensive and it will dig a huge hole in your pocket for the longest time.

Hence it is advisable to know your schedule and also long weekends in the upcoming months. You can discuss with your boss or colleague for the holidays and you can plan your holiday accordingly.

This will do two things for sure- first, you know your travel dates hence, visa, tickets, accommodation, etc. can be sorted out earlier in the planning phase and second you have something to look forward in your mundane life.


WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. It is a hospitality based service where you can work on a farm in exchange for a room and food.

This is a great way to see a destination in-depth as the work will be for a few months hence you have enough time to explore a place. You have to pay for your commute till the place of the farm and from there the farm people will help you with food and place to stay.

It is a unique way to travel as it allows you to meet new people and allow to have a different experience of work and a new culture.

#3. Apply for overseas job

Bored at your current job? Travel on mind? Worry not. Why don’t you apply for a job overseas?

There are plenty of job opportunities in the world which can be temporary or permanent depending on what you are looking for. This isn’t a set rule to travel. It is just a way to travel while earning some cash.

There is plenty of job overseas which are seasonal such as waitress, bartender, ship crew, caregiver, tour guide, and many others, the world is your oyster.

If you have a hobby or a second job it can be an added advantage you can either take a class or set up an exhibition or a workshop.

#4. Use sharing economy

Sharing is caring you might have heard this so many times. But did you know to share when on vacation can save you hit load of money?

If you thought flight tickets were expensive wait till you see hotel prices. So when you aren’t going the traditional way about your vacation why go traditional way to book rooms for staying.

There are plenty of sites which can help you find a suitable place for accommodation such as Airbnb for accommodation, Vayable for tours, BlaBlaCar for ridesharing and EatWith for meals are some great options where you will not only save money but you will have a different yet exciting experience of your life.

It is a great way to live in the heart of the city with the locals and do as they do in their daily life.

#5. Cook your meals

If you happen to book an Airbnb, chances are that they have a full kitchen or at least kitchenette to help you make at least tea, coffee or oats. With the help of a microwave, you can cook a nice meal for yourself.

Generally, a week of grocery in America will cost you anywhere between $40-50 USD and whereas a single meal can cost you up to $15 USD.

But if you think you aren’t traveling this far to cook in a different country, so make sure have easy recipes on hand, eat fruits, eggs, and vegetables which are easily available in any country.

#6. Know when to book tickets

You cannot just wake up one day and book your dream vacation in a jiffy. There are certain unsaid rules to follow when you want to book your tickets.

Know your area of travel and make sure if you are paying the correct amount. This obviously needs a lot of research. For e.g. budget airlines are a thing in Europe, so people in Europe travel never pay full price for airline tickets.

Airlines such as easyjet.com or Ryanair.com do some great deals on the flights. Some airlines such as virginaustralia.com offer happy hour rates once a day. Go start booking your tickets.

#7. Travel passes

Whichever country or place you decide to travel while researching the means of transport, always look for public transportation. After flights and food, transportation is the next expensive thing.

Travel passes such as rail pass in Eurail or one-day unlimited travel pass in Toronto is a great way to see the city’s main attractions.

#8. Carpool or hitchhiking

Yes, you can share rides going with people in the same direction or can accommodate you in the journey and drop closer to your location.

Carpooling is an excellent way to save on cash while traveling as it does save money (of course), save your time and get you good company. There are various websites and carpooling and hitchhiking apps to help you with this idea.

The only downfall to this idea is it does require a bit of planning. As you need to talk to the ride-sharing person about the location or the venue you need to reach.

Also, always make sure to check and verify the person with ID proof, phone number, etc. if feasible meet them once in advance.