Motivation is the key to getting any work done.

Many don’t find enough motivation to get through the day dealing with lazy mornings and zero-motivation to kick start the day. Even though you have piles of work to do, you instead sleep in a little more in the name of no motivation and let the work hover you for the rest of the day.

Do You Need Monday Motivation? No motivation, no hustle for the day?

There are people who plan out their day, week, and month sometimes even a whole year.

This is because people focused and motivated enough to get their work done. People are busy and in order to sail smooth, they plan out without getting a nervous breakdown.

For instance, planning should be thorough knowing what the day has in stored for you is very important.

Let’s face it, nobody likes to wake up the sound of alarm disturbing the morning sleep while you are cozy in your bed with your blanket.

But it is also said that waking up early before the real world wakes up, you can get more than half of your daily work done.

This all sounds good but is it even valid get through the day without screwing up the planned schedule.

So here are some ways to get motivated every day when you wake up.

Sleep Well

If you are not well rested, chances are you won’t be able to get up the next morning. It is a way of your body to tell you that you need to rest to take charge of your day. So it is necessary to get a good night sleep.

As a general rule of thumb, it is crucial to get seven to seven and a half hours of sleep for an adult. Hence, getting an optimum amount of sleep ensures that you are well rested and ready to conquer the next day with a smile on your face.

Be Reasonable With Alarm

Why start your day with blazing noise of alarm clock?

Won’t be that annoying to start your very productive day with a noise which will haunt you even after you wake up. Instead, set a great song of your choice maybe even your favourite song or soothing instrumental music.

Avoid Snoozing

Snoozing is just a vicious circle, do you it every 5 or 10 minutes. If not you have an alarm set within 15 minutes difference. Hence, set realistic alarm time so that you wake up on the designated time and don’t hit that snooze button at all.

Ask Positive Questions

There are a million reasons to wake up in the morning and be thankful for the life you have but only one lazy thought can ruin the entire morning routine and the vicious circle continues.

To combat that, ask yourself some positive questions such as why is the waking up important, why do you need this job, etc. to pay bills, to be successful in your life, reasons can be many but if you questions yourself to work towards it, chances are that you will feel motivated.

Push Yourself Around That Question

If being successful in the work is your focus, push yourself to do something extra so that you are one step closer in your journey.

One motivational quote or one positive vibe can be a game changer. That one question will show you how much you need or want to be in the business.

Reward Yourself

Who doesn’t like rewards? Everybody is looking out for that free brownies. But when you have consistently done a certain job or work as a part of your daily routine is can be safely considered as a habit.

A habit tracker is a great way to keep you on track in your daily life. While maintaining a habit tracker, after completion of certain task rewards yourself for the great work. Also, do this with caution, don’t stuff yourself with pizza every day.


Breakfast is the first meal of the day and there are high chances you will feel the way breakfast made you feel.

Eating a good, healthy balanced diet should be a routine and not just your breakfast, but it is extra special due to it being the first meal of the day. Eat well in the morning and get a great kickstart to the day.

Vision Board To Rescue

It is great to have a plan or at least a flow chart of what you want in life or at least in the day.

A vision board is an amalgamation of ideas, creativity and mind-blowing inspirational quotes which will give you enough motivation to work towards your goal.

It is a great workout for the mind to see what you want to achieve in life. It is the law of attraction, writing down things create a greater form of energy and a mere dream turns into reality with a constant belief system.

Set Attainable Goals

We live in a realistic world where there are no fairytales and we all have bills to pay and working is the only way to get money for those bills.

Anyway setting realistic goals for yourself is very important as it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the bigger goals you have set for yourself.

Every goal of your life needs strategic planning and it is only fair to focus on one goal at a time and do full justice towards it.

Dress To Feel Good

There is a reason why some clothes are called ‘power dressing’ outfit. An outfit can totally change your mood for the day. The way you dress shows a lot about your character and instantly make you feel good about yourself.

In order to get that confidence boost, build a wardrobe that has all the staples required to look polished and put together.

Just with few tweaks here and there in your regular life, you can change your not-so-good habits and actually stay motivated throughout the day and achieve your goals.