You must have seen the word minimalist or minimalism on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and various other social platforms. Although if you don’t know what minimalism is, fret not.

Minimalism is opting for lesser things that add value to your life rather than hoarding 50 different mediocre stuff that you hardly use.

This seems every one of us as we are guilty of keeping a t-shirt from your high school era.

We as a human are emotional and that’s what it sets us apart. We are attached to the memories part so strongly that we forget that it is unnecessary.

Advantages Of Being A Minimalist

Minimalism is a way of life and changes can be drastic for a person who is very emotionally attached to a piece of furniture that is worn out to its max.

Minimalism call for the easy lifestyle, lesser but quality things around you so that your everyday life is much calmer and hassle-free.

It can be overwhelming at the start but if you stick to it and remind yourself why you want a certain lifestyle, it will be way easier. 

So let’s know how we can introduce minimalism into our lives

How To Practice Minimalism?

#1. Declutter One Place At A Time

Deciding to opt for minimalism, you need to make amendments to many places such as your home, office, etc. at the home start inside out such as start from bedrooms, then the kitchen, and then the living room.

The inside-out system will ensure you don’t remove things from the bedroom so that it lands up in the living area.

Remembering decluttering for minimalism can be different than your regular decluttering.

For instance, for bedroom-switch to quality bedding rather than having tons of different colors and patterns for it. Investing in white color bedding can ensure washing is hassle-free and also you can pair it with muted or pastel color pillows.

Remove unnecessary dozen pillow you have on the bed, you only one per person.

Remember for minimalism you don’t need to paint your house walls or buy new curtains just declutter and work with what you already have.

#2. Know Your Goals

minimalism tips

Knowing exactly what you want is a basic step for minimalism. For example, in the living room, you must have tons of furniture or stuff that can hinder the movement.

Opt for lighter weight furniture and sturdy rugs to give a rustic look as well as it brings a lot of character to the living room. In the kitchen, there are pots and pans which we don’t use and have been in the storage for emergency use.

But we all know we don’t use them, it is time to get rid of them. Keeping things off the kitchen counter will make the counter look bigger and better.

Also, ask yourself why you need to do this?

Is it to save money?

Is it to have a clutter-free home?

Do you want to start traveling with the money you save? Knowing what your boundaries are will give you a clear vision of why minimalism is for you.

#3. BrainStorm For New Purchases

As discussed earlier, you don’t need to get rid of certain things only to buy new stuff. In a minimalist life, things surrounding you will make your life easier and hassle-free.

Replacing a perfectly fine table lamp only because it doesn’t go with your minimalist lifestyle will be foolish.

Unless you got rid of coffee maker which was old and rustic and you hold onto it only for emotional reasons than buying a new one makes sense.

Remember always ask when buying a new thing, will this make my life simpler and easy?

#4. Regular Clean Out Session

minamalistic living

Weekends are for relaxing and chilling in pajamas but it will be overwhelming to declutter once in six months rather every other weekend.

It is more convenient to be a tab on what has been lying in the house rather than checking it when it is full of dust.

Don’t wait up for the festive season to show up and then clean the house instead invest once a month, remove all the cartons, boxes, papers, magazines, etc. which are just piling in some corner of the house.

#5. Invest In High Quality

This particular high quality deals with something which you deal on a daily basis.

For example, rather investing in fast fashion invest in clothes that are great in quality and doesn’t go off the style anytime.

Classic fashion such as white t-shirts, black leggings, jeans, scarfs, sneakers, etc. are great buys when looking for a long-term investment.

#6. Look For Ideas

minimalism ideas

If you are not as creative while looking for minimalism look for ideas around you.

Pinterest does have so many ideas, online you can find so many new ideas about how to go about minimalism.

Taking inspiration around will give a new, fresh approach towards minimalism.

#7. Travel Light

Traveling is different for different people. Some travel for unwinding, some travel for a new experience, and some travel to work.

Either way, people pack way too much from what they need.

While packing it is always we might need this piece of clothing or I should pack one more pack shoe pair.

This not only adds weight but also takes a lot of unnecessary space in the luggage.

Instead, opt for capsule closet while traveling, invest in lightweight luggage, wear heavy clothing while traveling are some of the travel hacks which can help in embracing minimalism.

#8. Cut Down Subscriptions

You won’t believe how much time you can save if you don’t watch TV.

TV viewing takes up so many hours of your lives and unknowingly you end up sitting on the couch for hours.

Cutting down unnecessary TV cable or subscriptions will save you a lot of time and money too.

Instead, keep those subscriptions you use on a daily basis to get the maximum pay off.

#9. Opt For Capsule Closet


If you are someone who likes to keep a tab on new fashion or like to buy new clothes with every new collection launch, opting for a capsule closet can be very difficult.

Yet capsule closet can bring out a lot of creative and new ways to style your old, existing clothes.

A capsule closet is minimal where clothes can be repeated more often yet you will look stylish it is working your way around what you have.

How To Start A Capsule Wardrobe? 

#10. Be Grateful

We often forget how blessed we are for what we already have yet we ask for more and more.

Take time and be grateful for what you have and be thankful for what you have in your possession, your luxury, and your life.

Remember minimalist life is all about getting comfortable in minimal things and being grateful for what you already have.

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