Addiction is too of a harsh term to be associated with the beauty surrounding the shopping.

Shopping or retail therapy as you like to call is therapeutic for some, brings little joys in form of bags full of items you purchased or that sudden urge to shop even though you don’t need that item, it can vary from person to person.

Now with the new ear of digital platform shopping, it is easier as it can get. Click on the website and stay browsing for hours no complaints that too in the comfort of your house.

Even though this doesn’t sound serious but compulsive shopping behavior is considered harmful. You ask harmful to whom?

It affects everyone around you and your bank account and obviously you. If you know for a fact that you are obsessive shopper you will hide it from your family, friends even from your spouse which can ruin relationships with them.

With online shopping getting easier and safer, use of credit cards is inevitable hence there will be a day when you will max out all your credit cards. With all this happening, you won’t find yourself any peace even though you bought that much-needed item.

How to Overcome Shopping Addiction Or Shop Mania?

Shopping addiction is not less than any disease which mentally abuses you and leaves you high and dry. Many people don’t even realize that they are indeed an obsessive shopper with an addiction.

With credit cards at your disposable, favorable return policies and online shopping comfort, the shopping addiction is here to stay and there is a need for recovery therapy or sessions to be conducted in order to help people who are addicting to shopping.

Like addiction involved with alcohol, smoking tobacco, shopping addiction can also go out of hand. These addictions are a way to escape from real life maybe froma job that doesn’t give you happiness or because when you shop you feel at your best or maybe shopping is to maintain a status level just to show your friends.

It can be anything but it isn’t helping you from the real problem you have. You may or may not be facing shopping addiction but to address it is very important.

5 Ways To Beat Shopping Addiction

We will help and guide through your shopping addiction by following steps

Unsubscribe To Online Stores

The very first step to avoid shopping in any condition is to unsubscribe from email updates. It is simple no update no visiting the site.  It will be hard to unsubscribe, but since you have decided to do something about your current shopping addiction you will have to do.

This will take care of someone who is a rigorous online shopper. Since there will be no update there are least chances you will be on your phone which can lead to impulse buys.

Avoid Stores Visit

Sure, malls are ventilated and air-conditioned and you get so many options to do such as various restaurants, gaming zone, movies and of course shopping. Avoid going to places which are in the vicinity of a shopping plaza.

Avoiding store visits all together is for someone who is on the hunt every time they stroll through alane where there are stores of clothes, jewelry, gadgets. Avoid it at all costs.

Avoid Flash Sales

Again hitting that unsubscribe button will help you know about unexpected flash sales. Flash sales are also conducted in-stores on several occasions such as festivals, bank holidays, etc. not spending the money on shopping will be hard when it involves sale in it.

Think about it as- you don’t need the item you think you want but if spending money is what you want to use that money to buy a vacation. Spend time with your loved ones or friends and family, go on a vacation together and cherish those moments.

Use Your Energy Besides Shopping

Every person has a hidden talent they may or may not know about it. Channel your inner strong feelings about shopping and convert that energy into something which can give you immense happiness.

For e.g. joining yoga class or theatre, join a pottery class, read a book, do meditation. Etc. make your soul whole by enjoying little things in life which are precious than a luxury item you bought.

Check Your Credit Score

If above things fail, checking your credit score will show you the legit condition of your credit card and your savings too.

Maintaining a credit score is of utmost importance because having a good credit score will help you with achieving future loan prospects for home, vehicle or even personal too or even better banking facilities. So to have a decent credit line is important.

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