Weight loss is a journey rather than a destination or goal. Weight loss accompanied by various ups and down has to be managed only with healthy eating, and a healthy mindset, and of course exercises.

Together all this will help you lose weight and help you maintain a steady weight. In this busy lifestyle, it is easier to call in food delivery or pick a takeout and ruin the work you have been doing to achieve an ideal weight goal.

To achieve an ideal goal you need a path, you need focus on how you want the journey to look like.

That is when Instagram comes into the picture. Instagram is the new gym or a place to look for inspiration related to your weight loss or healthy eating.

Many influencers who have their weight loss journey on their Instagram are coaching and showing off their secrets, tips, and tricks to follow a healthy lifestyle with few changes and a workout session they swear by.

It is only legit that we share with you those amazing Instagram accounts who have inspired us with lifestyle and food that are drool-worthy in photos and are delicious too.

Here are top 6 Instagram accounts you need to follow for effective weight loss.

1. @sproutedkitchen

Sara Forte the brain behind the Sprouted kitchen is an avid food lover with salad being her favorite food while ice-cream and fudge brownie being close to second.

She hasn’t invested herself in any one particular diet her recipes are mostly vegetarian with all focus on healthy fats, vegetables, and whole grains and to bring out the flavor in the food and brighten the dish she always infuses them with spices, flavorful herbs, and an ingredient such as nutritional yeast.

If you take a good look at her Instagram account, the food is beautifully shot which are done by her husband, together they make a great team with some wholesome and delicious food.

2. @thedelicious

Sarah Gim started ‘the delicious’ as a food blog in 2005. She did her MBA from UCLA University and lived a corporate life before giving her entire time and energy to the blog.

While ‘the delicious’ was booming she did start with one more blog called ‘tastespotting’. Sarah says that she started with the blog writing since she talks so much.

Funnily enough, when she started reviewing food all over LA, she kept talking about it to her friends and family and they might have got bored in between listening to unstoppable rambling.

So she decided to put those words into a blog and that’s how her blog picked up the pace.

3. @thewholefooddiary

A London-based girl married to Texas-based boy and they find their home in North Carolina. Kezia and her husband run their blog thewholefooddiary with recipes which are raw and vegan.

They have been writing the blog for 6-7 years and sustaining a clean lifestyle with simple food. They have been making a conscious decision about what food items to include and what can make life simpler and happy.

With over the years, they have been making changes in their beauty, skincare and cleaning supplies.

With an eBook in her kitty, Kezia also runs a small business where she makes donuts but paleo and baked version.

Instagram Exercise accounts to follow

4. Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is quite famous on Instagram with a strong following of 8.2 million followers.

Her program called Bikini Body Guide or BBG is quite famous and have so many people following it and getting good results.

The program caters to quick fitness routines that can be done in a short period of time for any busy ladies such as parents, career women, students, etc.

Kayla is full of inspiration with before and after pictures, great food, travel inspiration and plenty of tips.

5. Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson is best known for training celebrities and the list includes Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Miss Piggy, Robert Jr. Downey Jr., and Hilary Rhoda among many others.

Her program is known as Tracy Anderson method which is an introduction to healthy lifestyle and exercises which will suits every body type.

6. Andy Speer

Andy Speer is an internet sensation through Instagram. Andy is a celebrity spokesman for Reebok while working in the Paleton Tread as an Instructor.

He is an Instagram star while he takes his workout seriously he also feels motivation plays a huge role in life.

His Instagram feed is very inspiring with great photos, impressive workouts, and motivational quotes.