Shopping brings little joy in the form of a bag full of items that we purchased.

Now with the new era of digital platform shopping, we can click on the website and spend hours in the comfort of our house.

Even though this doesn’t sound serious but compulsive shopping behavior is considered harmful. 

It affects everyone around you and your bank account and obviously you.

If you know for a fact that you are an obsessive shopper you will hide it from your family, friends even from your spouse which can ruin relationships with them.

With online shopping getting easier, the use of credit cards is inevitable hence there will be a day when you will max out all your credit cards.

With all this happening, you won’t find yourself any peace even though you bought that much-needed item.

If you are the one suffering from shopping addiction, then you are not alone.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to stop overspending money on shopping.

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How to Overcome Shopping Addiction?

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With credit cards at your disposable, favorable return policies and online shopping comfort, the shopping addiction is here to stay and there is a need for recovery therapy or sessions to be conducted in order to help people who are addicting to shopping.

Like addiction involved with alcohol, smoking tobacco, shopping addiction can also go out of hand.

These addictions are a way to escape from real life may be from a job that doesn’t give you happiness or because when you shop you feel at your best or maybe shopping is to maintain a status level just to show your friends.

It can be anything but it isn’t helping you from the real problem you have.

In this article, I am sharing 5 well-tested tips to help you in spending less on shopping and save more money. In case you have any other tips let me know them in the comment section.

So let’s begin

5 Ways To Beat Shopping Addiction & Save More Money



#1. Unsubscribe To Online Stores

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The very first step to avoid shopping in any condition is to unsubscribe from email updates.

It is simple, no update no visiting the site.

It will be hard to unsubscribe, but since you have decided to do something about your current shopping addiction you will have to do. Just do it.

Since there will be no update there are the least chances you will be on your phone which can lead to impulse buys.

#2. Set Up Savings Goal

Setting a goal can help us to define what’s important to us. Savings goal is nothing but saving some amount of money for future self. Get into the habit of saving by setting yourself a savings goal.

Few of the savings goals could be like

  • Saving for a vacation
  • Buying a home
  • Saving for retirement
  • Saving for a family function

So figure out your savings goal & when do you want to achieve it. Whenever you are about to buy something, remember your savings goal.

#3. Avoid Flash Sales


 Flash sales are also conducted in-stores on several occasions such as festivals, special days, etc. When we see a discount board saying “50 % SALE” our brain begins to focus on the savings rather than spendings. So you the stuff thinking you have bought everything on discount & saved so much.

But the thing is you have fallen for the trick played the store. It made you to focus on saving by spending. Don’t fall into the trap of spending just because you want to save some amount.

#4. Replace Boredom

When you have so much time and money on your savings account, spending money will be your next thing to do. Yes, your mind feels shopping as a pleasant activity that keeps you busy loaded with happiness.

Think about an activity that keeps you busy when you have nothing else to do.

It may be 

  • Painting
  • Organizing stuff
  • Reading a self-development book
  • Experimenting a new dish

#5. Pay Yourself First

Paying yourself first is one of the golden rules suggested by financial experts. Before you pay your bills, your living expenses set aside a portion of your income into savings. 


Prioritize it the same way you treat your mobile bill or internet bill. If you pay everything first and save next, you are left with a little money or sometimes no money. That is why prioritize “pay yourself first”. Save between 5-20% of your income first and check after 1 year. This motivates you to save more and spend less. 

I hope these effective tips will help you if implemented. If you found it useful, show me some love by sharing this post