Habit Tracking
Track Your Daily Routine

Habit Tracking!!! Are you aware of this?

Every one of us is governed by habits. Habits are part of our daily life and unknowingly we follow a lot of good and bad habits in our routine day.

These habits are a little daily life routine in which people are almost unaware or maybe slightly aware that they are doing it.

Why Do We Need A Habit Tracker?

Habits such as smoking are known to have adverse effects on your lungs but still, people do it.

Therefore it is important to take back control of your life as some habits are hard to die especially if you are someone who wants to set goals, keep track of your habits and eliminate bad habits out of your life.

So here we are listing down 15 habit tracking apps which will be big in 2020.

A habit tracking app will help you track down your daily habits which will help you monitor your daily routine or if you are especially looking into a change or if you want to incorporate activity.

Best Apps To Transform Your Life in 2020

Momentum Habit Tracker

An all exclusive Apple device habit tracker, Momentum habit tracker has some amazing features which are easy to incorporate in daily life.

It is quick to understand by setting weekly goals and targets for an individual.

The most important and also an interesting feature of this app is that all the information can be imported in an excel sheet document where it is easier to look into a week planogram.

The only unfortunate thing is that it is only available for Apple users.


Habitica is cleverly made app for keeping the user intrigued about the full potential of the app.

The extremely creative approach of the app as it is based on RPG video games allows you to level up after completion of a task.

Also, you can customize your avatar giving yourself an extra bit of motivation. You can track your habits, your goals, your weekly targets.

And when you think that what a habit tracker do, think again, Habitica allows you to connect to your friends while you complete your daily mission of achieving targets and goals.

Available for both iOS and Android

Productive Habit Tracker

With this app, you will have no extra settings which you don’t require.

An app perfectly built from the user point of view.

It is very well-designed to track your habits and within few seconds you will start planning your day.

With great features, it will continuously measure your improvement and keep you motivated.

Available for iOS.


Available for both iOS and Android, StrickK was developed by behavioral economists at the esteemed Yale University.

The app makes you sign a virtual contract with yourself and app help you reach your goals.

The unique commitment contract is a great idea as you are promising yourself about your daily goals or long-term achievements which keeps you motivated.

It is said that the app is based on principles of Thaler’s nudge theory.


Habitshare as the name suggests, you can share your activity with your friends on social media.

The habit share app allows you to connect with your existing friends to communicate in real time.

This communication helps in motivating your friends or get motivated by them.

Like a team effort, you can achieve your goals while if you are not so social media person, you can keep it private too.

Available for Android and iOS.


A virtual journal to keep you on loop with your daily life routine habits.

Mindset brings you concisely and precisely design app with a warm and friendly layout which is easy to understand and follow.

The app needs a registration which is offered to certain groups and organizations.

Available for iOS and Android.

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A receiver of Apple design award winner. It is a complete app where you have to maintain a 12-day streak for a good habit you must have started.

It is a great way to stay up-to-date and stay motivated.

The interface of the app is customizable to your taste.

It is the most used health app available on the iOS device and can be merged with an health app on iOS.

If you are behind the app, the app will send you a reminder to keep you on track.


Habit list is a long term goal app which helps you maintain a habit and sense your progress which is easy to read and understand.

If you have a complicated schedule or multitask few things in daily life, the app Habitlist will help you set an easy reminder via calendar.

So that with exact date and time you are available and complete the specific task.

Available for iOS.


Balanced as the name suggests, is designed to health-related your exercise routine, the time you spent sitting, measure your sleeping patterns, among others.

It encourages you to spent time on adapting to a good habit.

The balanced app is entirely focused on health-related habits also it lets you concentrate on 3 activities at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Simple Habit Tracker

Don’t take the simple name simply, as the app is simple in its approach yet have over 200 pre-designed habits to start with.

and some amazing and interesting features to keep you hooked to the app.

With an eye-catching interface, it is fun to use.

Available for both iOS and Android users, the app can be merged with iCloud and GoogleFit.

The integration with other apps makes it much easier to use and increase your habit tracking skills while never to worry about losing your data.

With a lot of features to choose from, this app has a lot of offer than you can imagine while giving you details about progress.

Although you are looking for something simple and easy, this isn’t your app.

Available for iOS.

Strides Habit Tracker

Strides habit tracker is a good overall habit tracker with quick and easy applications.

It is easy to start a habit with the help of this app right away.

If you are on a time constraint and need to complete a certain task on time, the app will help you plan to complete a set number of tasks so that you complete on time.

Available for iOS.


Coach.me does have quality content while they have an added advantage of you being able to hire a habit coach or even leadership coach at some extra costs.

If you are in a position to hire a coach, you can definitely have your goals cleared and increase your productivity.

It is available for iOS, Android and web browser.

42 Goals

Simple design, different features, but unfortunately only available for online web users.

The website has an online community of its own which share their own progress with friends.

It is a great way to a task together with friends and stays motivated throughout the task.

Currently, they are developing an app for iOS and Android users.

Habit-21 Routine

Built on the principle that it takes about 21 days to develop a new habit.

It is said that if you follow a habit for about 21 consecutive days it is likely that you will perform it without a reminder.

Habit tracking apps limit you to one habit at a time, which is good if you like to take things slow and easy.

Unfortunately, it is a paid app and available only for iOS.

Hope this article help you! Thank you for your valuable time!!