10 Ways to make her Valentine’s Day most memorable

Valentine’s Day is one day where if you are into a relationship this day comes with a lot of pressure if you aren’t into celebrating a day dedicated to love.

Also even if you are not into a relationship, Valentine’s Day brings so much warm fuzzy feeling, all filled with love.

When there is a point of expressing feelings, most men lack the act of gestures, there are generally very extremes in their behavior such as they will either go all ham and express their feelings in front of thousands of feelings or they will not even hold your hand in public because they are too shy for that.

Although there shouldn’t just one day where all your loving feelings come surfacing out, it is for your better half or your girlfriend or your partner.

Making something special for your partner is a way to show them that they matter to you the most. In our daily life, we tend to take our partner not so seriously that when celebrating Valentine’s Day can help reignite the spark and love.

Here are 10 different ways to make her Valentine’s Day most memorable

1. Make A Playlist

This is a foolproof way to sweep her off her feet. Collect all the songs that make you remind of her or a special song that you both share.

Music is a great way to reconnect with old memories. It could be anything the first song that reminds you for her or the first song you both dance, or a song which she is a diehard fan of.

Compiling all the songs of her choice, she will definitely make her feel special.

2. Presence Over Presents

Yes, those presents do have a lot of weight to them but it is more important to be present with her when she needs you the most.

Maybe she had a crappy day or is not feeling the best of herself, go see her with a cupcake or a coffee this will surely put her into a good mood and it will show that you really care.

3. Plant Treasure Hunt

Warning: This will take a lot of time yet it will be so fun and exciting at the same time.

A treasure hunt is a great way to propose or give her something she will cherish all her life. If you don’t have a huge budget, a treasure hunt can be also done at home, just make sure you hide well and do the homework behind it.

4. Get Away

Book a surprise weekend getaway or a mini vacation or even a staycation.

Going on holidays is a great excellent way to unwind from the routine life.

To avoid any last minute worries or cancellation; keep her colleague in the loop so that she can get work off for a few days without worrying about it.

5. Sign Up For A Class Together

This is a good idea for couples who are working round the clock and don’t get enough time to spend together. For example, if you sign up for a dance class together, you will learn a new dance form plus you get to spend time with your partner. Also, you can show off your dancing skills at the next party.

6. Go To The Place Where It All Started

Couples who have spent enough time and years together, going back to the place where the love blossomed will be so romantic.

Go to the same café or visit your college canteen where you spend half of the time. Old places have different charm altogether, possibly have a reunion with your old friends.

7. Make A Handmade Card

Do this with caution. A handmade card is everything for women she may even cry. A handmade gift idea is so touching also it shows how much effort you have put in to make she feel special.

8. Surprise Her

Surprises are good. Everyone loves surprises. Booking a table at her favorite restaurant or getting that dress which she has been eyeing on for a while or just surprise her with flowers, flowers never go out of style. Do something spontaneously which will take her by surprise.

9. Social Media PDA

In this digital world, social media PDA (public display of affection) is so common. Yet you or your partner is a shy one, PDA is rare for you. Yet showing off your partner with a cheesy caption line will definitely set the mood right for her.

10. Go For Spa

What can possibly go wrong with a spa session? A spa is a great way to relax with your bae and blow away all the tension and anxiety from your life even for that 30-60 minutes. Schedule one after work and see how that melt her.