2019 we saw a lot of food trends that took the market by storm. Although food trend as the name suggests are ‘trends’ which does fade out soon.

But lately, people are more invested in the kind of food they are indulging in, from where they are sourced, whether it is organic or not, etc. all these factors invariably contribute to the food trends different people follow.

Depending on an everyday schedule, availability, and ease of making the food are factors which help in following food trend.

1. Trendy Fats

Here we are in 2020 and there is already a buzz about which food trend will be bigger and better and also capture the market. Check out these 10 healthy food list below

Once a villain now it is a hero.

Fats were seen as a culprit for your weight no matter what. Now thanks to diet such as keto, paleo grain-free and paleo-vegan diets, fats intake have been increased and trending everywhere.

The only asterisk you have to follow is the fat should be good fat such as higher in LDL and low in HDL.

A special oil that grabbed attention last year was MCT oil (medium-chain triglyceride) which is used in keto diet for making coffee. Other good fats such as coconut butter-filled chocolates, avocados, coconut oil, etc. were incorporated heavily in the cooking.

2. Shelf Stable Probiotics

Probiotics have always been in rage due to their great benefits to the body and gut system.

The fermented foods altogether make a great impact on the digestion of food and aids in maintaining the flora and fauna of the gut.

Hence, the market players will be introducing more strains of probiotics which are innovative and have a longer shelf life.

Brands are focusing on adding functional strains of probiotics such as Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 and Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856.

Thus everyday food items such as granola bars, oatmeal, soups, and nut butter can have the addition of probiotics in 2020.

3. Frozen Desserts

Everybody loves ice-creams but it is hard to not get calories with it. Then the revolutionary frozen dessert came and it was ground-breaking.

Frozen desserts such as avocado cream, fresh fruits, tahini, coconut water, etc. have been added to get that extra flavor and sweetness in the ice-cream.

Frozen desserts have been popular with Instagram food bloggers and are easy to make yet yummy and full of flavor minus the unwanted sugar.

4. CBD Oil

CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound, also known as Cannabidiol (CBD) found in the Cannabis Sativa plant.

According to the recent studies, CBD is found to have health benefits in regards to relieving long-term pain, reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure.

CBD has gained a lot of popularity in the department of medicines and as a natural supplement but lately, it has been seen the use of CBD is increased in coffee, lozenges, mint, and even chocolates.

CBD oil or hemp oil will be huge in 2019 which also makes CBD related products such as hemp milk an official entry into the market.

5. From The Sea

Sea vegetables are making an official entry into the market as snackable as well as known as one of the superfoods. Food items such as kelp noodles, seaweed chips, seaweed butter, crispy salmon skins, kelp jerkies, etc. are creating a buzz in the market.

Not only they are delicious to eat they are packed with omega-3s, antioxidants which are great.

Food items such as kelp noodles, seaweed chips, seaweed butter, crispy salmon skins, kelp jerkies, etc. are creating a buzz in the market. Not only they are delicious to eat they are packed with omega-3s, antioxidants which are great.

6. Nootropic Supplements

Nootropics are natural supplements that have the potential to boost memory, decrease anxiety and enhance mental performance in the most natural way.

Nootropic supplements include amino acids, vitamins, minerals, herbs, essential fatty acid, and antioxidants. It is said that amino acid L-theanine and the herb Rhodiola Rosea can reduce anxiety and improve mood. It is advisable to consult your doctor before taking any type of supplements.

7. Ghee

Ghee or clarified butter has been used in Indian cooking for years now. But recently it has made its glorified entry in forms of different diets such as paleo diet or even keto.

Ghee has essential fatty acids and good fats which is great for our body. It is also said that regular one teaspoon of ghee will help in lubrication for the bones.

It is said that in the coming year we can expect ghee with infused flavors which will be interesting to see, eat and enjoy.

8. Tonic & Health Drinks

Tonics and health drinks have always been in the market, although they will be bigger and better in 2019.

Market players are combining different herbs, spices and concoctions to get the maximum benefits to make their market presence felt.

Also with less or no preservatives, tonics, and health drinks will be consumed more and more.

Drinks with great health benefits such as stronger immune systems and memory boost are on agenda for 2019.

9. Eco-friendly Packaging

Less of a ‘trend’, more of an effort towards saving the environment.

Switching from plastic containers, straws, glasses, etc. to eco-friendly products or reusable products which doesn’t hurt the environment is the need of the hour.

Also, packaging companies are switching from plastic bags to compostable bags which won’t ruin the ocean or the aquatic animals.

Make a switch from plastic wrappers to paper bags has been seen in 2018, and in 2019 it will only get better.

10. Brand That Empower

Although it isn’t the trend consumers still remain the ultimate king when making a decision whether to support the brand or not.

In 2019 more brands are collaborating with social issues, animal welfare and environmental problems which are subjects where awareness is needed and people need to know the current situation of the world.

As a consumer people are getting aware of what brand is preaching a social cause or environmental issues have been addressed.

Contributing towards a good conscious goal it a touchy subject for consumers hence a trend that will survive in 2019.