‘I love you’ and ‘shopping’ (sale) always excites a girl!! When both of these combines that’s when you get to be a bride.

Once the date is set the venue is decided, you can finally put all your dreamy ideas about your lehenga/saree in use. But bridal trousseau shopping is never-ending.

You ask why?

First of all, it is the BRIDE and secondly, you want to look amazing, mesmerizing for all your wedding function.

Every bride is different while some ask and follow their elders while some do everything on their own or some color coordinate with their to-be husband.

Indian bridal wear is lavish, sometimes over the top but hey it’s your wedding and it comes once in a lifetime, do it your own way.

But while crushing over Anushka or Deepika trousseau, there is no denying that we can’t spend that much, too impractical for us.

#1. List What You Already Own

First thing first, list what you already have. This can include everything from bags, heavy and light suits, clutches, jewelry, etc. There are high chances you own some (read most of these pieces) in your current wardrobe.

Now you will have thoughts that you are the bride you need everything brand-spanking new. But if you keep that thought aside, it will be practical to put in use what you already have or something you purchased a few months back.

Also, all Indian mothers have a habit (good) to collect something for their daughter’s wedding. You can rely on that hand down stuff too. It will hold so much meaning over something store-bought!

#2. List What Needs To Be Bought


Once you settle with what you really need, write it down. Putting that planner to use which you bought because it was cute, it is time to pull that out.

Write down the number of pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding functions you will have. And once you decide what to wear- look for options.

Something bright yellow for your Haldi, you don’t need to spend a bomb on your haldi function as haldi stains are hard to get rid of.

Invest in a light salwar suit which is not expensive so that if it gets stained you don’t feel bad about it. Ideally having 3-4 lightweight suits for pre and post-wedding ceremonies will give you more wears compared to heavy suits that go out of fashion very fast.

Invest in flats and juttis, they are evergreen and in trend too. For the wedding ceremony, choose your lehenga or saree in the daytime will give you an idea about how it will look in the photographer due to sunlight.

Also, having embroidery on purses and clutches are a total waste of money for your own wedding.

Have you ever seen a bride holding a clutch or a bag?

No, right?

let your husband be your ultimate arm-candy.

#3. Comfort Is The Key

Definitely, those dreamy embroideries, velvet pieces, can-can, etc. look great in photographs. But little did you know, those lehengas are heavy in weight.

So if you are new to Indian wear, opt for lightweight or lighter design such as brocade or thread work gotta-Patti instead of embroidery. You can go for jewelry that has intricate designs or you can layer them too.

There is always a way out, just look for more options. Also, those Jimmy Choo 4 inch heels were your dream wedding shoes but can you imagine standing in those for an entire day or maybe night?

Keep those for some other occasions, stick to flats or juttis, the market is filled with several gorgeous designs to suit your taste.

#4.Research And Do Some More

The Internet is filled with so many breath-taking designs and ideas related to the wedding.

Definitely, everything you see can cost you a certain amount. Look for easy DIY décor ideas for your pre-wedding functions.

If you think you can’t do DIY, ask for your friends and family members to help.

It will stand out since you, your friends and family put a lot of effort and love in making those for you and it will also save you a lot of money.

#5. Save Where You Can


Indian weddings take a lot of planning and preparations which take a lot of time and money. But you can certainly save where you can. Save on a higher-end designer, opt for someone who is new and fresh design.

It will not only save you money but certainly attention-grabbing in all the right way. Also, if you are a working woman, chances are that you won’t be using your bridal attires anytime sooner.

It will be a smart move to rent your bridal lehenga or bridal jewelry.

#6.Invest In A Tailor

Tailor is the way to go! Getting a good tailor can save you a lot of money may be no time though. But be prepared. If even it is pre-stitched, some tailor did stitch it for the store.

Do a few rounds of stitching blouses (1-2) for knowing if the tailor can be good for your bridal clothes stitching if any.

Those internet blouses design if you buy them they will cost you bomb, but when you compared them to stitching it will reasonable.

#7. Get A Mix Of Indian And Western Clothes

Again, if you are working women, there will be fewer chances to repeat any of your wedding trousseaus. Or if you have a destination wedding or going straight to your honeymoon after the wedding, you need some western clothes too.

Make sure you have a mix of Indian and western clothes from your trusted brands.

#8.Register For Email And Wait For The Annual Sale

This point is so important but only if you have more than 6 months until your actual wedding date.

You can register yourself to various stores and boutique stores where there will be lesser-known label brands. Many stores have an annual sale by the end of the year, so mark your dates, attend events for free ideas and stuff.

#9. Don’t Try If You Can’t Buy

If you are on a tight budget or on any type of budget, trying on a bridal lehenga that you can’t afford will not put you in a bad mood but can be disappointing too.

Those pretty high-end designer clothes have a price tag for a reason but you shouldn’t be feeling sad about it. There are many stores and boutiques which can have similar designs or trends with a lesser price tag.

Also, trying out something you can’t afford will set the standard too high to match.

#10.Rent It Out

With fast-fashion entering into bridal couture, even bridal clothes are trendy and fashionable.

Hence, sometimes what was considered in-trend just a few months back, may not be around today.

So choose wisely and even if you have laid your eyes on something which was very trendy, you can always rent it.

Renting bridal clothes is slowly picking up the pace. Not that it is bad or good but it has its pros and cons.

The advantages include saving money on clothes by renting not actually paying the entire amount, saving the hassle to store those clothes and you can buy trendy pieces without worrying if they will stay in style or not.

You have to return the bridal lehenga after your wedding and won’t stay with you for a lifetime and there will be no cherished memories to look forward too ‘coz you only get married once.